Full report of “Ignalina Snowpark Opening”
Monster Energy Ride in Baltics Tour`13 Stop 3

Exciting battle in snowpark gathered around 70 riders from 4 countries – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia for „Ignalina Snowpark Opening”Monster Energy Ride in Baltics Tour`13 Stop3 last weekend in Lithuania, Lietuvos žiemos sporto centras.

Snowpark was perfectly built by Baltic Snowpark Agency and riders did appreciate it! Some teams like RXT from Estonia came already to practice day before, while only few local riders where there comparing to competition day when it felt like there is someone on each obstacle of the snowpark all the time. Obstacles were so many that it was tricky for many riders to choose the best line and land all tricks. But we saw great riding and high level tricks from all groups.

We would like to point out one rider – Indrek Tamm from Estonia, who had amazing run again winning 3rd consecutive RIB Stop in the row in Snowboard Men Open group! He is definitive leader at the moment and lets see if anyone can change it during next stops!

For many riders it was not easy to keep the same style and technique in qualification and finals, so there were a lot of changes. However we also saw amazing determination – many must have noticed Aidas Kukenys black eye and broken board, but he did not give up after hard crash and stepped up to 2nd place in finals.

Solid run in qualification for Mikas Glatkauskas, LTU in Freeski Men group moved him up to 1st place and he kept it until end of finals. Mikas told us after that its the first ever 1st place for him in any of competitions, so he is stoked! Mikas has been skiing only since Snow Arena opened about 1,5 years, heard about RIB tour last year by accident and decided to start to participate in competitions and now on the top of podium! Congratulations!!!

Before finals we had „AERODIUM Fly High” contest for snowboard kids group, where all results were super close. But the winner is Kaur Piirsalu beating all others and getting free flight in AERODIUM vertical wind tunnel.

While judges where finalizing results, everyone could participate in the Best Trick competition on the stair set up to get another free flight from AERODIUM and also special TTR World Snowboard Tour souvenir. Although there were many riders doing all kind of crazy tricks, landing them was not as easy, so the Best trick prize went to Karina Vitina, LAT as she landed her trick nice and clean – BS Tailpress 270 Out on stair set up downbox!

Right after prize giving many riders where heading home, so no big afterparty together this time, but we are all looking forwards to next BIG weekend, when two stops of Monster Energy Ride in Baltics Tour`13 will happen in one weekend 16-17th of February 2013 in Ventspils, LAT.

Thank you all for coming and great time together!!!

Thank you Monster Energy, Baltic Snowpark Agency, Boardsports.lt, UNIQ Beanies, Lithuanian National Skiing Association, AERODIUM, Contour, TTR World Snowboard Tour, In Dog We Trust, Senhorita Tours, Sniegs.lv, Peu Peu and all other partners for prizes and making this event happen!

Baltic Snowpark Agency is already in Ventspils, Lemberga Hute, preparing snowpark for the next Monster Energy Ride in Baltics Tour`13 Stop 4 – Latvian Championships!


Download all results:
Snowboard Women
Snowboard Kids
Snowboard Juniors
Snowboard Men Open
Snowboard Men PRO
Freeski Women
Freeski Juniors
Freeski Men

Snowboard Women
1. Gronska Anna, LAT
2. Soonets Kristel, EST
3. Urnieziute Dora, LTU
4. Zalite Mara, LAT

Snowboard Kids
1. Lukass Janovskis, LAT
2. Piirsalu Kaur, EST
3. Kraav Hendrik, EST
4. Morauskas Motiejus, LTU

Snowboard Juniors
1. Talu Kert, EST
2. Jankauskas Erikas, LTU
3. Prokofjevs Jakovs, LAT
4. Brieze Markuss, LAT

Snowboard Men OPEN
1. Tamm Indrek , EST
2. Kukenys Aidas, LTU
3. Boiko Ovidijus, LTU
4. Lacis Arturs, LAT

Snowboard Men PRO
1. Bachmann Madis, EST
2. Kriss Baglais, LAT
3. Kaur-Rasmus Joost, EST
4. Malstar Matis, EST

Freeski Women
1. Zayko Yulia, RUS
2. Ridikaite Aiste, LTU
3. Purmale Darta, LAT

Freeski Juniors
1. Ustav Mihkel, EST
2. Nikolajevs Oskars, LAT
3. Purmalis Jekabs, LAT

Freeski Men
1. Glatkauskas Mikas, LTU
2. Zulis Janis, LAT
3. Mats-Kaarel Ruus, EST
4. Nikolajevs Ivars, LAT

All photos by Edijs Udalovs

Welcome to Monster Energy Ride in Baltics Tour`13 Stop3 „Ignalina Snowpark Opening”

The battle is on again for Monster Energy Ride in Baltics Tour`13 Champion titles! Next RIB tour Stop3 “Ignalina Snowpark Opening” is happening on 26th of January 2013 in Lietuvos žiemos sporto centras, Ignalina, Lithuania. “Ignalina Snowpark Opening” in close partnership with BoardSports and NSASKI.lt/LietuvosNacionalineSlidinejimoAsociacija.

If you have followed our news, you know that Baltic Snowpark Agency has worked hard to build new snowpark that is going to be great with new stair set up, so prepare your best jibbing tricks for it! Besides amazing snowpark, you will have a chance to practice in massive Air Bag for FREE!

Competition for both skiers and snowboarders will go on in slopestyle discipline, ranked as RIB 3star event. By participating in „Ignalina Snowpark Opening” you will earn points for international ranking as all RIB Tour`13 stops are included in TTR World Snowboard Tour ranking!

Currently ranking leaders in snowboarding are Toms Petrusevičs (LAT, Men Pro), Indrek Tamm (EST, Men Open), Emils Kaupers (LAT, Junior), Motiejus Morauskas (LTU, Kids) and in women group – Karina Vitina (LAT) and Dora Urnieziute (LTU) , but in freeskiing – Edvards Lansmanis (LAT, Men), Oskars Nikolajevs (LAT, Junior) and in women group again 2 leaders – Yulia Zayko (RUS) and Kintija Kaune (LAT). Make some changes if you can! And compete for prizes from Boardsports and other our partners!

AERODIUM Fly High” contest this time will be only for snowboard kids group! Lets see, how high the youngest RIB tour riders will fly!

Registration is on from 9:30 – 11:30!
Registration fee is 4Ls or 20Ltl or 5euro + discounted ski lift ticket!

Online registration here
Riders declaration here
Media accreditation here